I've seen a lot of stuff about torrents lately... I didn't really understand it, but I guess I found the brainchild people. It seems like another regular file-sharing concept.


A torrent is a heavy storm. This program doesn't seem to be anything heavy or stormy.


Word of the Day : Fecund 

Today's word of the day is "fecund."

I'm adopting the part of the definition that says "intellectually productive to a certain degree."

Kind of mirrors college, or school in general, doesn't it? It reminds me of people who know about a certain topic to a certain extent; it also reminds me of people who do the easy part of a certain assignment -- the part that isn't thoroughly mapped out by the teacher/professor/instructor, or because the t/p/i didn't say a certain part had to be done. Then later, the students are surprised when they get a crap grade.
Guess what! IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT! If you were more fecund....

I realize it almost looks like "fecal"...But it doesn't sound like it!

fecund \FEH-kund\ adjective

1 : fruitful in offspring or vegetation : prolific
*2 : intellectually productive or inventive to a marked degree

Example sentence:
The phonograph and the electric light were but two of the fruits of Thomas Edison's fecund mind.

Did you know?
"Fecund" and its synonyms "fruitful" and "fertile" all mean producing or capable of producing offspring or fruit — literally or figuratively. "Fecund" applies to things that yield offspring, fruit, or results in abundance or with rapidity ("a fecund herd"; "a fecund imagination"). "Fruitful" emphasizes abundance, too, and often adds the implication that the results attained are desirable or useful ("fruitful plains"; "a fruitful discussion"). "Fertile" implies the power to reproduce ("a fertile woman") or the power to assist in reproduction, growth, or development ("fertile soil"; "a fertile climate for artists").

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.




Anybody else starting to think it's kind of funny that the 70's and 80's (and in some cases the 20's) are making a comeback? It's way beyond just bellbottoms now.

Just wanted to know what other people noticed.

Word of the Day! 

Today's word of the day is a special word of the day, as it applies directly, directly to my life!

Today's word is "grimalkin." It refers to a domestic cat, especially an old female cat. It's a perfectly nasty sounding name for a perfectly nasty, old cat.

Don't get me wrong, the grimalkin is fine. I like her. Not sure if I love her, considering she's pretty much literally despised me since the day I was born. But we've had our moments. She's a good grimalkin. Entertaining. 19 years old. Old grimalkin. I like this word :D

grimalkin \grih-MAWL-kin\ noun

: a domestic cat; especially : an old female cat

Example sentence:
The family grimalkin, dreaming, perhaps, of mousing days long past, twitched her tail as she dozed contentedly on the windowsill.

Did you know?
In the opening scene of "Macbeth," one of the three witches planning to meet with Macbeth suddenly announces, "I come, Graymalkin." The witch is responding to the summons of her familiar, or guardian spirit, which is embodied in the form of a cat. Shakespeare's "graymalkin" literally means "gray cat." The "gray" is of course the color; the "malkin" was a nickname for Matilda or Maud that came to be used in dialect as a general name for a cat (and sometimes a hare), and for an untidy woman as well. By the 1630s, "graymalkin" had been altered to the modern spelling "grimalkin."


So... About that "Felon" Purge... 

Had my journalism mid-term today. Luckily for me, classes like that ask for written answers, not multiple choice. So I believe that I did fairly well on it.

The main body of work we had to read to prepare was Greg Palast's "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy." Fascinating piece of work. Very admirable, as well. I truly enjoyed reading it, found it informative. Even ended up being just as frustrated that US media didn't pick up on the DBT voter purge system and faults as much as they should have.

Massive amounts of people (mostly blacks and democrats) were purged from voting rosters because their names, birth dates, and race matched with those of convicted felons. It didn't matter that some of the birthdates didn't match up, or that suffixes like Jr. and Sr. were disregarded. It didn't even matter that one "date of felony" was listed for March of 2007. These people weren't allowed to vote.

What bothered me even more was that some people are so incredibly blind that they assumed automatically that Palast was lying. Yeah -- if he was lying, that's a pretty damn big accusation to put against the Governor and Secretary of State of Florida. Real big. Funny, though, how they didn't try to sue Palast (note: if they did, it wasn't mentioned in our reading) for his articles. Maybe because *gasp* he was right and they were deer caught in the headlights.

Either way, I just wanted to pass on that it was a good read. There is a site for Palast's writings, as well as his blog. Everyone needs a blog.

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