I don't get it. 

So I'm sitting here watching CNN Headline News, and I hear something extremely disturbing. An Iraqi lieutenant (or some other head-honcho type guy) of some terrorist group has recently been identified in Iraq, and now, of course, he's a target.

Okay, so that's nothing new. A new Iraqi bad guy is wanted by the US government and military.

Then the anchor goes on to say that there is a 25 million dollar reward put out for this guy, dead or alive.

It's sick. Where is this money coming from?!? I know it's incentive for people who know where he is to give him up, but I think that there's a very slim chance that these people are that easy to win over. This is money that could be used for better purposes, like health care or education. Republicans already want to cut back on health care funding to pay for troops' armor...It just blew me away. I love how there are complaints about how there isn't enough money to fund or buy certain things as far as the government/economy/"war on terrorism" goes, but up pops a terrorist lieutenant and BAM we've got 25 million dollars to wave around as a prize for turning him in.

On a lighter note, coconut farmers in Indonesia are using trained monkeys to harvest their coconuts. The monkeys are out for rent. It takes approximately two weeks to train each monkey, and the owner feeds them bananas, rice (possibly fried), and two eggs each day.

The world works in mysterious ways.

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