I was going to make a phone number list for my room. So I went and bought some pop tarts for a late breakfast. Nice switch of activity, that one. I'm still sick. Yesterday night was terrible – I started to lose my concentration in orchestra and kept leaning forward. Afterwards went to an education, then to the library, where by the time I was finished with my homework I felt like I was dying. Illness is no fun trip. Not going into the random school I got asked to go to today to pick up some hours. I would love to get some money for working this week, but I'd rather not put kids at risk. Especially kids I don't know. So no work at all this week. Haircut tonight, too. YES! It's about time.

I realize that this is one frighteningly personal entry. But now onto the real reason I'm here today. My dad sent me this link about a Mac feature that's almost worthless, but hell, anything works, eh? I know I'm going to be using it. Because I'm cool like that. And I like the way the icons look up close. Nice graphics.

Almost useless feature!

Thanks, dad!


Procrastination and Hamlet 

In light of the fact that I don't have work any mornings this week (okay, I'm actually kind of pissed off, but because the schools are on break, the programs start later, so they have no use for me), my procrastination seems to be back to full capacity. Have I started my letter to a dead German woman talking about whether or not wonder still exists in the world? Yes, I actually have two sentences. Good. Have I started the Anne Frank reading? Not really... but the files finally decided to work for me and I was able to print them out, so that was a step in a positive direction.

Instead I've been thinking about this 1st grade version of Hamlet, which was read to us in 9th grade to get us to laugh. We did, so the teacher succeeded for once. But here's a link to the cheapened version of Hamlet. If only all of the Shakespearean tradgedies could have been written up like this.

Hamlet simplified

Enjoy this Monday morning. I know I won't.



I thought that I was done with the word of the day thing, but this one caught my attention. I bet I could use this to "dis" someone, even though it's supposed to have a positive meaning. But I'm not sure that everyone would like to be
compared to an uncle...


1 : of or relating to an uncle

*2 : suggestive of an uncle especially in kindliness or geniality

Example sentence: Despite avuncular assurances that he remembered what it was like to be young, Katy's landlord still expected her to be a responsible tenant.

Did you know? Not all uncles are likeable fellows (Hamlet's murderous Uncle Claudius, for example, isn't exactly
Mr. Nice Guy in Shakespeare's tragedy), but "avuncular" reveals that, as a group, uncles are generally seen as affable and benevolent, if at times a bit patronizing. "Avuncular" derives from the Latin noun "avunculus," which translates as "maternal uncle," but since at least the 1830s English speakers have used "avuncular" to refer to uncles from either side of the family or even to individuals who are simply uncle-like in character or behavior. By the way (just in case you were wondering), "avunculus" is also an ancestor of the word "uncle" itself.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.


Wee bit of a change. 

As you can see, if you come here often (or ever), I've changed some things. I added a new blog, which I will be keeping hidden until later this coming fall. I've also changed colors and font size. Made it look a bit easier on my eyes. I like it -- the darker colors are more comfortable. Tschja. Well, I'm going to attempt posting my first ever picture on here. Care to see how it goes?


This is what spring break was like for me last year. Lots of snow, lots of cold. So I bundled up, wrote the stereotypical "Spring Break!" sloga across my face with some kind of pen (which I think I still hadn't washed off when the mail man came to the door with something for me to sign...) and went to play in the snow. If I had the will to do the same this year, it would look pretty much the same way. Maybe I'd have a different scarf on, or different color pen. But the same snow and same cold exist here as it did last year. On the drive up Anna and I were marvelling at the "white stuff" on the side of the road -- Is it toxic? Alien?

So happy spring break to everyone -- ours came a few weeks too early, in my opinion, but that's how it goes sometimes.



In honor of Found Magazine...

I found this note in my backpack a few days back. It's from my GVV days, specifically summer of 2003. The assignment was to tell what we learned in the first language/grammar class. It reads:
Ko es iemaacijos pirmajaa stundaa.
(my name)
2003.gada 30. juunijaa

Pirmaa valodas maaciibas stundaa es iemaaciijos

Jack shit.

I think you get the idea. Apparently I was frustrated? I don't think I turned this one in, or else I would have had some interesting explanations to give my parents while calling them from the principal's office. Funny thing is that in the final exams I got a 5 in grammar. Hah. Go me!


Fettes Brot 

Okay, so I seem to have a thing for hip-hop/rap music as long as it's not in English. I like Latvian rap enough, Russian rap just sounds cool, and I've got a few "Lecker Sachen" discs, but they're like rap/classical/light r&b. But Fettes Brot is pretty hard core hip-hop. Reminds me kind of Run DMC, except that the guys of Fettes Brot have lower voices.

I've been talking to one of the exchange students from Germany about German music, so I randomly downloaded a song from iTunes (hurrah for free song caps from stupid Pepsi!) by Fettes Brot called "Emanuela." It's got a really good beat to it, and I actually like it. Do I sing along with it? Please. Only when the roommates are gone! Hah!

The link again for Fettes Brot. Worth looking in to. Don't know how well they're liked in Germany. Found out that Rammstein is acquired taste. Figures. I think they're a pointless group. But I did get some grimaces when I mentioned Wir Sind Helden, and a grimace and being laughed at for mentioning Pur. Can I help it if I was brainwashed by my high school German teacher to like early 90's German music? Not my fault!

I'll write about another band, Brazilian Girls, later on.

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