R.I.P., Fleet Street News 

Link my dad sent me: http://news.independent.co.uk/media/story.jsp?story=646971

I was just on Fleet Street a week and a half back or so -- probably walked right past Reuters. Probably.


Colorado vs. Minnesota 

Colorado's governor dissed out on Minnesota's quarter. He totally ripped on it -- several times. Looks like something about it really really bothered him. He mentinoed the quarter issue several times, including at the unveiling of Colorado's quarter.
MN governor joked about having a full-out investigation on the mountains in Colorado's quarter plan because it is believed that there is some subliminal message about the CO governor being butt-nekkid.

I think that we're really grasping for news stories lately. Lots of plane crashes, too. Lots of those. Um... the Schiavo thing is still going on, Michael Jackson is a free man with a clean slate, and my mom got a new couch. Life goes on!

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