Tonight we went to Kiki's C.I.A. (Comics in Action) performance for the COR. It was pretty interesting -- the best part in my opinion being when they collected note cards on which we college students had written random phrases or sentences for the "agents" to read in a soap-opera-like context. As college students, we come up with some pretty amusing sentences.

As a side note, the "Las Ketchup" song is playing on iTunes right now. Wish I knew the dance to it; don't you?

Anyway, so C.I.A. Interesting, like I mentioned. I became a participating audience member in a "murder" skit, which was played somewhat like a game of "telephone." Each troupe member had to convey to the next one the location of the murder, the occupation of the murderer, and the weapon used in the murder, but using only mime, sound effects, and babble. No coherent words whatsoever. I got to play along. And make roller coaster noises.

"ChukachukachukachukaHUP! ChukachukaHUP! HUP!" The location was the top of a rollercoaster. I was making "the roller coaster is stuck" noises. Several times over.

Then came the occupation. I understood it when it was mimed to me: a kangaroo geinocolygist. Interesting enough. I ended up singing "Rock-a-bye Baby" to a pop bottle, then stuck it down my pants. Then I made ears with my hands and hopped around for a while. Then I got the doctor mime down. Then I mimed with my hands what looked more like me ejecting a baby from my crotch -- it was meant to be more of a "crotch area doctor" mime, but it got laughs, so I'm down with that. Then I got several rounds of high-fives from the other participating trroupe member, then I spiked the pop bottle. Best moment of the entire skit.

Murder weapon was a banana split. That was easy enough to mime. I mimed a banana, and the guy caught on right away. But when I didn't choke on the invisible cherry he fed me he took to choking me instead. Good times!

And for this, I got a free t-shirt. So I can now say that I completed my first audience participation act. I think they liked me. I think they really really liked me!

Check them out. Kind of like Iowa's version of "Who's Line is it...?" : Comics In Action


Feb. 17th. 

I am officially 19.5 years old.


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