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Ever notice how it's hard to stay away from things that are forbidden to you?



Alles Erlogen! 

So I lie once again. But this time the M-W word of the day caught my eye in context with college. Or having fun at college. Which excludes most classes. Specifically astronomy. Well... only astronomy, actually. Anyway! Last night was our school's "Presidential Ball." Which means dress up nicely, go to a very formal-atmosphered dance that isn't all that formal, swing dance if you know how to our school's jazz band (who are playing swing music...), and maybe see some of your professors (and many alumni) get sloshed. I didn't see anybody over early 20s sloshed, so, good for you, professors! I don't have to make fun of you this time around!

But last night was alright. We went to Chili's for dinner, had a good laugh, thought that a waiter touched my hair when it was really just Anna. Pres. ball was, admittedly, kind of boring. It was last year, too, so at least I knew what to expect and wasn't disappointed. Pres. Ball is all about the dancing, and if you don't have a date, it's hard to dance. Got one dance in with a friend and we talked about how I had a reputation (if anyone really cares to know what this reputation is, let me know and I'll explain it. Like maybe if my parents.). So who wants to know the word of the day? I think it's the perfect explanation of how college is (if you like college) during the good times. And how, in a sense, you want it to end but don't. I love this place and I love these people. That's a big part of "what there is to it." Enjoy:

timeless \TYME-luss\ adjective

1 : having no beginning or end : eternal
*2 : not restricted to a particular time or date
3 : not affected by time : ageless

Example sentence:
Fashion experts agree that the little black dress worn with a strand of pearls is timeless.

Did you know?
"Time is money." "Time is the great physician." "Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations." Everyone seems to know what time is, but what does it mean to be "timeless" — that is, "without time"? At one time (the 16th-19th centuries), "timeless" meant "out of its proper time, untimely, premature." In the course of time (by the 17th century), the word came to mean "eternal; lasting through all time." The two modern senses given in our definition were added just in time for the 20th century. (By the way, the quotations we started with came from Benjamin Franklin, British statesman Benjamin Disraeli, and American writer Faith Baldwin, respectively.)

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.


Pope John Paul II Rant 

In light of PJP II's currently declining health situation, we received an e-mail from our school Chaplain:

"As most of you know, Pope John Paul II is gravely ill.  Most recently, the Vatican has said that the general and cardio-respiratory condition of Pope John Paul II "has worsened," that the pope's breathing "has become shallow," and his circulatory and kidney function are deteriorating.  Many believe that death is not far away.  Catholics and others around the world are gathering for prayer and holding vigil." 

Death is not far away? No kidding. PJP II's been drooling on himself for at least three years now. I saw him on the TV a few years back on Christmas eve and there was a designated person to wipe PJP II's holy spittle with a holy cloth. The man has had Parkinson's disease for 10 years.

Gravely ill. And I suppose keeping him in that chair helps him out, yeah? I understand that once you're Pope it's meant to be for life, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Can he even talk? Or does he mumble? So he needs someone to interpret for him... a mumblator. PJP II might die soon? Good. I'm not saying that with malice, but I can't stand seeing him like this -- it's pretty much uncivil. I feel very very sorry for him. He doesn't want to step down, and doesn't want to go back to the hospital. Okay, I understand that. But seriously. I hope it doesn't go on for much longer. I don't think he should have to suffer...

>.update 3 P.M..<
CNN is flashing news tickers that say "The Vatican denies that Pope John Paul II has died."

You better hope he's not dead, because how long can you stall to cover that one? "Oh, no... you see, he's just popped round to the loo! Erm..."

>.update 6.16 P.M.<
CNN reporter said "...some say that the Pope's death is imminent."

There are interesting parallels between the Pope's death and that brain damaged woman's death. Just FYI.

R.I.P. PJP II. He was a trooper, a good person, and a hard worker. But I'm glad his suffering is over.

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